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Thank You Soap Box Soaps for Donating Soaps

Thank You Soap Box Soaps for Donating Soaps

Thank you very much SoapBox Soaps LLC, Rockville,MD, USA, for donating 1250 soap bars to HEEALS “Water Sanitation Menstrual Hygiene & Girl Education” Project , For more information and how you can support , Please visit us at http://www.heeals.org


1000 Children die Every Day in India due to Diarrhea Disease.

1000 Children die Every Day in India due to Diarrhea Disease.

.5 Million children will not see their birthday if Effective measures are not taken to cure Diarrhea.

HAND WASH with SOAP can Save 400 Daily in India .
Support our Campaign to Aware children and communities at : http://igg.me/at/heeals/x/1003631 Or http://www.heeals.org

“WASH” in Schools

Behaviour of children towards Unhygienic practice, have a significant impact on child’s academic performance. Majority of children are not properly taught healthy sanitation& personal hygiene habits , like washing hands with soap regularly ,wash hand before and after eating ,bathing daily etc.


Hand washing with soap, particularly after contact with excreta, can reduce Diarrhoeal diseases by over 40 per cent and respiratory infections by 30 per cent. Hand washing with soap is among the most effective and inexpensive way to ward off these deadly diseases and can save our self and Children from death and huge medical bills and problems, but still 47% after defecation , 62 % people before eating food and 30 % people before preparing food do not wash their hands with soap in India.

For Complete Reading & Current Activities on WASH by HEEALS please visit the following Link :- http://heeals.org/entries/current-activity/learn-handwashing-and-hygiene-practices-through-games-and-multimedia