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Altruistic Volunteering

HEEALS Volunteer Abroad Program ,INDIA
While most people volunteer in order to help others, they’ve likely experienced positive feelings or even a “helper’s high” at the same time. Who volunteered with some regularity lived longer, but only if their intentions were truly altruistic. In other words, they had to be volunteering to help others—not to make themselves feel better.

Launch New Shopping Catalog

To continue our #good work we need you.We r busy #launching a new mini #shopping #catalog & want you to support us so we can #support the #children #women & #marginalized ❤️Email us for more info & Please SHARE this #post on your pages and with #friends. Please contact @heeals


#BuyngoproductHeeals NGO Product Catalogue Pic 1






We Have A New List Of Product In Our Shop For Support Program. Please Have A Look. Our Products are Artificially Jewellery,Bhoj-Patra,Chikan Kurtis,Fancy handbags,Colored Pots,Glass Painting,Jute bags,Recycle paper painting,Mud Toys and Handicraft,Sainatry Napkins,Soap bars and Stone Bracelets.
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For Product Queriess Please Email Us At: communications@heeals.org

Support Us in Providing Girl Child Education, Sanitation & Safe Drinking Water


About 66% Schools Don’t Have Functioning Girl Toilets in India

Around 23% of Girls Drop Out Of Schools Due To Lack of Menstrual Hygiene Knowledge .

Around 53% of Children in Age Group of 5-14 Do Not Wash their Hands after Defecating .

1000 Children Die every day in India due to Diarrhoeal Diseases, which is killing more Children in Developing Countries than #AIDS, #Malaria & #Measles Combined ! .

We Can’t Do It Alone , We Need Your Support !

SPREAD SUPPORT SHARE to create awareness and Help Millions of People .Make a Difference Todayhttp://indiegogo.com/p/310655/x/1003631 

Heeals Handwashing Delhi 003

Our Campaign meant to create awareness among the masses about Sanitation & Unsafe drinking water and its effect on Girl Child Education and their health.

Through this Campaign Girl Child Education in Context To Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water we are aiming to create awareness among Girl Child Population & Families about good sanitation, Education and safe drinking water facilities in schools,at their homes and their community .We wants to spread our message in Downtrodden and marginalized section of urban & rural slums through the use of communication tools such as ICT (Information Communication Tools) , IEC(  Information Education Collaterals) and by the use of more alternative & interactive methods such as Drama , one to one interaction , survey etc.

Please visit the following for more details :- DONATE NOW http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/support-us-in-providing-girl-child-education-sanitation-safe-drinking-water/x/2617115