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HEEALS Celebrated Menstrual Hygiene Day At Gurgaon Office .
Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day from all of us here at HEEALS! This year, the theme is #nomorelimits; At HEEALS, we wanted to take the opportunity to expose some of the limits that women in India face due to accessibility, stigma, awareness and discrimination. As an organization that aligns with women and facilitating their equal opportunity to succeed, we believe that talking about the issue is the first step to ensuring that there is #NOMORELIMITS in India!
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Happy Menstrual Hygiene Day To All :)

May 28th Menstrual Hygiene Day Celebrated Heeals Office Gurgaon. #Distributed Free Sanitary Pads To Women

Menstrual Hygiene Day May 28 2018 Celebrated At HEEALS Office Gurgaon