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What Will Says !

HEEALS Intern Will Lewis Sharing His Thoughts On India , WASH & Education.
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Indian School Bias !

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With around 30% of Indian children attending private institutions, the Indian private education market is the largest in the world. This is hardly surprising given the population size but, for a variety of reasons, private schools are outperforming state run institutions despite recent study showing that the Government spends, on average, more than twice as much in educating a pupil. The key factors behind this imbalance are inefficiencies that have become imbedded in state schooling and efficiencies fee-paying schools have created. To lift the performance of their own schools issue the Indian government must take heed of both.

“End Malaria for Good”


World Malaria Day Theme for 2016 is “End Malaria for Good”
Since 2008 the 25th April each year is World Malaria day in association with the Malaria Consortium whose bold goal is to reduce infection by 90% (from the year 2000’s levels). Globally the achievements so far are impressive with a 60% reduction in mortality rates since 2000 and a 37% reduction in infection during the same period. Despite this there were still 214 million cases of the fever reported last year and nearly half a million deaths.
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Malnutrition vs Religion

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It will surprise few that India’s children are amongst the most likely to suffer malnourishment however the reasons behind this are certainly not as simple as one would expect (i.e. lack of food)

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Welcoming Intern

We Welcome Our New Intern William From UK ,He Is Working On Implications Of WaSH .
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